Written by Beth..

"I've read some previous newsletters and feel that God is talking directly to me."

Washington, USA

Written by Ron ..

"Gimme Some Sugar" is dead on target. Thanks for helping me realize I'm not alone."


Written by Joel..

"Your broadcasting on God TV is eye and heart opening truth. Thank you for bringing such an encouraging and enriching word of God."

Texas, USA

Written by Larry ..

"Pastor Steve, I love you for being there when we need to have our compass re-aligned and when we climb off of the Cross."


Written by John..

"I regularly go to Church on Sunday, but there's nobody who can give me the Word. Now I can hear your preaching on the GOD Channel."

New Jersey, USA

Written by David..

"I felt such power of the Lord upon me during the Eagles Wings Conference in New Jersey. Thank you for all your work you devote to the Lord."


Written by Rabih..

"It is great that your ministry maintains that personal touch. Your ministry will definitely hold strong in my prayers."


Written by Jeff..

"I recently began watching you on the God Channel and can see you are who and what you say you are."


Written by Winam..

"I am a minister of the gospel and am touched with your work."