Written by Andrene..

"Your site really blessed me. I have been away from Jesus but I am now back home!"


Written by Lisa..

"I have made a decision to come back to the Lord and went to church for the first time in years."


Written by Amanda..

"After 12 years of being a prodigal, I recieved the Lord into my life again, I feel His comfort and warmth again."


Written by Eddie..

"I have come home to Jesus. Thank you so much for your ministry to prodigals."

New York

Written by Rose..

"I went to the ProdigalsOnly.com website, I watched the clips, prayed the prayer and got saved. That day was my birthday, God worked in a mysterious way by making me spiritually new on the very same day I was born."

The Netherlands

Written by George..

"We saw a video of you preaching The Devils Diary. When you did the alter call, teenagers walked to the TV set. Not only did Father touch the students, but also me their religion teacher. He changed my life and made me long for more of Him and the will to live holy."


Written by Robin..

"Thank you for always speaking TRUTH to the masses."

Czech Republic

Written by Marta and Přemek..

"We watched you on God TV. We are inspired by your love, dedication, and sincerity. Your ministry is encouraging and refreshing."


Written by Christine..

"I was listening to a podcast where Steve Hill was the guest speaker.  During prayer time, he was praying for someone with arthritis in their hands. I was at work and started feeling a low heat in my hands. I kept moving them under my desk. I have been healed...Thank you Jesus!"