Written by Arkansas..

"Yes, I am a prodigal son. I knew the Lord yet decided to go my own way. I cried as I prayed with you and asked the Lord to receive me again. Right then, I could tell that He ran to me, fell upon my neck and said "Welcome home, son." Now I am on my way to living for God. Now I have God in my heart. Thank you, sir."


Written by Tennessee..

"I have come back to Jesus and repented of my sin. I put every bit of drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, cigarettes, and R rated movies in a bag and I am going to burn it. There is no time like right now. Thank you Steve for this website. God has used it to help me come back to Him. God Bless."


Written by Florida..

"I was not sure if I was saved. I listened to you last night on TV and guess what? I asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord!"

The Netherlands

Written by Rene..

"I've been very far away from God and this evening I found Him again. As I read your letter to prodigals, I thought, "he is speaking about me." I read the story and my heart is now so very happy. I lost God, but He didn't lose me."


Written by CK..

"I came across you preaching on GodTV recently. I am married to a Muslim and live in India. I am in a very difficult situation as I am surrounded totally by Muslims. Your message really encouraged me. Thank you."

New York, USA

Written by Anonymous..

"Thank you so much for helping me with my pornography addiction. The Lord is definitely into my life again."

New Hampshire

Written by Anonymous..

"I am a prodigal returned. God bless your ministry."


Written by Steve..

"I listened to a sermon of yours and it ranks amongst one of the best and most robust sermons I've ever heard."


Written by Mary Jane..

"I listened to you on TBN and repented. I am going forward with my walk with the Lord. I have given Him my life totally."