Written by Venus..

"It was great to watch you on GodTV today. I like the way you knelt and prayed. I need your prayers."


Written by Michael..

"I am a 27-year-old student. Recently, I started listening to your messages online in YouTube. God ministers to me through your messages. I sincerely desire to grow in the knowledge of GOD but am struggling. Please, I need help."

United Kingdom

Written by Faustina..

"I watched you on TV on October 5, 2010 when you prayed for the bondage of drugs and alcohol to be broken. Immediately, I knew that was for me. Ever since, I have been free from drugs. I am so happy to be free."


Written by Grace..

"When I watch Steve Hill preach, I can't fight back my tears. I am always moved & blessed by the Lord because he preaches repentance. God bless this ministry."

Iowa, USA

Written by Bob..

"Steve Hill led me to the Lord Jesus on October 21, 1998 at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL and my life was forever changed."


Written by Oebele..

"You have blessed us so much! Blessings to you and your ministry."

Florida, USA

Written by Murline..

"I was at the Brownsville revival and it changed my life. I'll never forget it. God bless Steve Hill Ministries."

Czech Republic

Written by Marta and Přemek..

"We watched you on GodTV. We are inspired by your love, dedication, and sincerity. Your ministry is encouraging and refreshing."

California, USA

Written by Ruth..

"While at the Azusa Street celebration, I heard you pray under the tent and my life was changed."