Spiritual Avalanche

Written by Daniel Norris..

So happy to see the advance of the Kingdom of Light!   You are known and feared by the kingdom of darkness.  

- Monica Burkhart

Spiritual Avalanche

Written by Daniel Norris..

This book should be a mandatory teaching in EVERY church and EVERY denomination!

- Karen, USA

Spiritual Avalanche

Written by Daniel Norris..

This is the kind of book that keeps you on your knees! 

Pastor Steve Tutu, Barbados


Written by Anonymous..

"I am a tax collector from Malawi, Central Africa. My job is very challenging because of corruption. The first time I saw Steve on GodTV, I shed tears as he pleaded for lost souls to come to Jesus, God bless you, Steve, for reviving my spirit."

Arizona, USA

Written by Anna..

"Thanks for the encouraging daily e-devotionals. They really add a perk to my day. I even share them with my congregation."


Written by Christina..

"I'm speechless as I watch your videos on YouTube. As I watched 'Covered by the Blood' I cried and cried. This is what we need in France. Thank so much for being so obedient to God's voice!"

United Kingdom

Written by Anneka..

"Thank you for your encouraging emails. They help me stay fixed on our Savior and often come at just the right time. Your passion is infectious and I thank God for you."

Saudi Arabia

Written by Anonymous..

"Pastor Steve, I've been watching your sermons on the Internet. I'm from Saudi Arabia where there are NO CHURCHES. You have been my inspiration, as your sermons always have to do with SALVATION. May the Lord Bless you as you continue preaching His Word."


Written by Anonymous..

"After watching you on TV, my wife and I want to make sense of the healing power of His love and the God who created the whole universe for us to live in peace."