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Jeri HillJeri Hill is the wife of the late evangelist Steve Hill and the president of Steve Hill Ministries. Jeri travels nationally and internationally bringing the message of revival, repentance and healing to a lost and dying world.

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Help Us Preserve the Legacy

Written by Jeri Hill. Posted on .

I pray that you and your family are doing well. Thank you so much for keeping our family in your prayers. We definitely feel the affect of them! I'll give you a personal update at the close of this letter. What I'm going to share with you today has been on my heart for some time. Have you ever known that the Lord wanted you to do something and you couldn't get away from it until you did it? That's how our entire team at Steve Hill Ministries feels about what I'm going to share with you.

We received a phone call the other day from a man who was beside himself. He cried as he shared how God had begun moving in his life in a way he's never experienced before. Although he's been a Christian for years, he suddenly has an insatiable hunger for God, and a fire burning in his heart that can't be quenched. He didn't understand what was happening but he knew it was God. Although he couldn't put a label on it, I knew what it was -- this man was experiencing personal revival!

What do you suppose was the "match" that ignited the fire in his heart? A Christian conference, a retreat, or a guest speaker at his church? No, it was watching Steve preach online! Until a few weeks ago, he'd never heard of Steve Hill. But he saw someone talk about Steve on television, looked him up online and has been, in his words, "riveted" by Steve's messages and altar calls ever since. He said he's never seen anything like it. So he called our office to share what God is doing in his life and asked how he could get more of Steve's messages! This man is not alone. We frequently hear stories like his. Here are a few more:

"I was unsaved and had reached a point where I was depressed and just wanted to end it all. I found some Steve Hill tapes that belonged to my parents. As I watched those tapes, I broke down in tears over my rebellion and sin. I repented and got saved. I think I'd be dead now if it hadn't been for Jesus reaching me through those tapes."   

  - Lasse, Norway 

"I came home to the US from Sweden after pursuing a failed basketball career. I was backslidden and bound by so much sin it wasn't funny. My in laws gave me a box of Brownsville Revival tapes. My heart began to burn uncontrollably with hunger for the things I was seeing. I repented and asked God to do something in my life. Today I am an evangelist. Through Steve's preaching, I not only got right with God, I also received a call to the ministry." - Monte, U.S.

Steve's messages are just as powerful today as when he first preached them because 1) he preached the Word; and 2) because of the Spirit that's upon his messages! They were birthed in the midst of revival! And that's why lives are continually changed as they watch them. I'm reminded of the story of Elisha's bones found in 2 Kings 13:21,

Once while some Israelites were burying a man, suddenly they saw a band of raiders; so they threw the man's body into Elisha's tomb. When the body touched Elisha's bones, the man came to life and stood up on his feet.

What an amazing story! Yet spiritually speaking, this is what often happens when the lost come in contact with Steve's messages -- they come to life! They get right with God. They put away sin. They experience His presence and power. And that's not all. Time and time again, God uses Steve's messages to ignite a passion in hearts for the pursuit of revival!  

Here's why this is so important. Steve carried in his heart a great sense of responsibility to pass the torch of revival to future generations. He feared that if the next generation could not readily glean from past revivals, how would they contend for revival and the move of God in their lives and for their generation? Thankfully, we can do something about this! We can help pass on that revival torch!

Steve often talked about giving the Holy Spirit tools to work with. We have an amazing spiritual tool chest containing several thousand of Steve's revival messages from The Brownsville Revival, Awake America, Europe and Asia crusades, the Awake Now and Experience God's Power broadcastsand more. Originally recorded on Beta Cam and SVGA tapes, these messages are nearing the end of their shelf life. We can't let that happen! Nor can we allow these messages to sit in storage collecting dust! We must place these tools in Holy Spirit's hands so He can breathe upon them and use them to win souls and change lives! To do this, we need your help! We're calling this"The Legacy Project" and have broken it down into two phases:


To professionally preserve and archive Steve's messages into editable digital and DVD formats.


To produce these messages and make them available through various avenues such as a special revival resources website, DVDs, 24/7 online television, and more. 

Can you imagine logging onto a special website where you could access hundreds of Steve's messages, or being able to order DVDs of your favorite revival messages that have been previously unavailable? Or how about an online television station that plays Steve's messages 24/7? Imagine Steve preaching and giving altar calls 24/7?! You know that's something he'd be so excited about in heaven! What if young men and women from Korea, Japan, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Norway, or Malaysia finds these messages online in their own language, they get radically saved, and then God uses them to spearhead revival in their nations?! Just last week we were told about a prince from the Middle East who "happened" upon a revival service that was broadcast online. Because of this, he turned to the Lord! How awesome is that?!

Early in our Christian walk, Steve and I were privileged to be around Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson and others who planted seeds in our hearts for revival. And so we began to pursue revival. Night after night Steve would get up and cry out to God for revival. And look at what God did! 

This is precisely why PRESERVING THE LEGACY PROJECT is so important! We need to be good stewards of these resources, of these seeds, so that lives will be changed and revival will be ignited in hearts from now until Jesus returns!  

Over the years, Steve and I have never emphasized money. Yet we've never apologized for asking for money when it comes to souls! So stay with me for a minute while I share the need. We're believing for $100,000 so we can complete PHASE ONE which is to preserve the footage and begin PHASE TWO which is to produce the footage. No gift is too large or too small! We're trusting Holy Spirit to speak to hearts. Please ask Him how you should help! 

To find out more about this project or to give towards it please visit

Along with sponsoring tapes, another exciting way you can participate in this project is to join the PRESERVING THE LEGACY PROJECT TEAM. We are looking for volunteers who want to help us get the word out to their friends and help raise awareness of this project. If you are interesting in helping, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can contact you to give you details.

I hope you're as excited about PRESERVING THE LEGACY PROJECT as I am! As Leonard Ravenhill so often said, "The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity!" Together, let's seize the opportunity to preserve and archive this footage, win many more souls to Jesus, and help ignite revival in hearts both now and in future generations. 

Our eyes are continually upon the harvest. Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we continue to go after souls!