Meet Aaron Levy

Aaron LevyAaron Levy walked in and out of Church doors all his life, however, bitterness was secretly the center of his heart. All throughout his life, he never truly felt the authentic love of God, until one night, God pursued and transformed him in the back of a modest Baptist Church, whilst he was completely hungover. From that moment on, Aaron’s life was profoundly different.

After graduating Christ For the Nations, Aaron and his wife Shelby now work alongside Together in the Harvest. His heart has been compelled to see people’s lives become overwhelmed by Christ’s consuming love as well as bridging the gap between generations and raising up leaders.

Watch Steve's Memorial Service

Written by Daniel Norris. Posted on .

Recorded live at Brownsville Assembly of God with worship from Lindell Cooley and Officiated by Rev John Kilpatrick.  This is the full length memorial service honoring Steve's home going.